Funded Projects

RPCV-NJ raises funds to support current Peace Corps Volunteers from New Jersey with Peace Corps Partnership projects, as well as selected projects around New Jersey.

2018 Funded Projects:


The GLOW/BROS (Girls Lead Our World/Boys Respecting Others and Self) in Thailand
NJ PCV Pablo Doster
Funded: $500
The GLOW/BROS (Girls Lead Our World/Boys Respecting Others and Self) camp is a product of two years of work between the Peace Corps Volunteer, the Sub-Administrative Organization (SAO), and two community schools in the Prachinburi province in Thailand in an effort to address the growing rate of teen pregnancy and to promote gender equality, youth leadership and self confidence instead through the development of GLOW/BROS clubs in the two schools.
Youth from PCV host communities across central and east Thailand will be invited to attend a five-day camp in Prachinburi province. The camp will take place just after Halloween, which is three weeks before Loy Krathong, a festival synonymous with teen romance. The camp will emphasize respecting yourself and others, finding your voice through activities focused on self-esteem, leadership, goal setting, and healthy relationships. Another key focus of the camp is the promotion of swimming safety through different courses, and hypothetical scenarios which will test their decision making. Youth participants will be accompanied by their PCV as well as a host country counterpart, such as a teacher or youth group leader. With the support of the PCV and their Thai counterparts, these youth leaders will be motivated and prepared to start GLOW/BROS clubs when they return home to their schools, further educating and encouraging their peers to create positive change in their communities.
Eight students from each of the two schools along with two Thai teachers from the GLOW (Girls Lead Our World)/BROS (Boys Respecting Others and Self) clubs were previously trained in the gender-leadership curriculum and will help with the planning and implementation of the camp. During the camp, the youth leaders will co-facilitate gender-related sessions, teachers will support the counterpart training, and the SAO will offer logistical support. The community will also be providing discounted lodging and space for the camp to conduct teacher training and GLOW/BROS activities.
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JUNE 2018

PCPP project “Explore Your Country-Girls” in The Gambia
NJ PCV Keeley Ffrench
Funded: $500

Explore Your Country for Girls 2018 will bring up to ten female students from rural and semi urban areas of the country into the capital city for a five-day educational training. With the support of teacher counterparts and PCV, the participants will be selected by their respective schools administration and they (student participant, teacher CP and PCV) will travel together into the capital city.
The objectives of the training include but are not limited to: (i) expose participants to educational and professional opportunities located within the capital city, (ii) equip them with the skills to pursue higher education and careers, and (iii) educate them about gender roles and barriers to education. Activities will include seminars sessions by guest speakers on a variety of topics, including goal setting, professionalism, resume writing, gender stereotypes, and barriers that prevent students from attending school. Guest speakers will include professors from local universities, female Peace Corps staff, and successful businesswomen. Additionally, participants will visit multiple professional and educational institutions within the capital city, exposing them to careers they may wish to pursue in the future.

MAY 2018

Girls Ecological Camp in Georgia
NJ PCV Dana Wise
Funded: $500
The goal of this project is to provide access to outdoor education to girls ages 14-19 from the Adjara region at an overnight environmental camp at a National Park in Georgia. By the end of the camp, 16 teenage girls will learn new skills related to first aid, photography, fishing, boat safety, leadership and team work. The community has contributed significantly in the form of providing a conference room with projector and laptop, sleeping bags and fishing lessons, free of charge. Youth have expressed a desire to feel more connected to nature and girls are often uninvolved in outdoor activities such a boat skills and camping outdoors. Learning these new skills will increase the capacity and confidence of these young women.


MARCH 2018

$500 contribution by RPCVNJ in March 2018 to a project sponsored by NJ PCV Sara Pauwels who is serving in Zambia.

The Northwest Reusable Menstruation Pad Making Workshops will be based in individual volunteer’s communities, where they will use the materials provided to teach women and girls in their communities how to create reusable menstruation pads. The attendees (women and girls) will also learn about better hygiene, health skills and leadership skills. The communities will be providing the attendees and the meeting locations. The impact of these workshops is immeasurable because when women/girls have a safe, hygienic way to handle a their periods, they can return to school, have a better quality of life and change the world. Women/girls have been fighting for their place in the world for many years and due to cultural norms and tradition, many women are held back due to their assumed biological provisions. However, the workshops are a step towards a better life for rural women and the future. Without women, we are missing half of the world’s intelligence, ingenuity and way of thinking.

Youth Leadership Summit for Boys Reaching Out (BRO) Project in Swaziland

Peace Corps Volunteer Sara Butter of Short Hills, New Jersey. Sara is currently serving as a Community Health Volunteer.

Funded: $700

The Youth Leadership Summit is a four night youth summit with the mission of developing young male leaders in Swaziland by providing them with the tools to develop leadership skills in areas such as facilitation, effective communication, and role modelling, and confidence to conduct respectful relationships. The goal is that the alumni of the summit will become role models in their communities. During the summit, Peace Corps Volunteers will support counselors, who will facilitate sessions and lead discussions on GBV, Gender Equality, and HIV, as well as facilitation and public speaking. Throughout the week, guest speakers from different organizations will be invited to speak about challenges they face through workshops on male identity, planning for the future and being positive role models in the lives around them in the face of an HIV epidemic.

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