Past PCP Projects

REACH OUT! NEW JERSEY is the name of RPCV-NJ’s fundraising program to support Peace Corps Partnership (PCP) projects.
Over the past  years money has been donated to volunteers from New Jersey who appealed for aid with their special projects through PCP.  It is interesting and inspiring to read about the development ideas that they and their communities create and carry out with help from people in the USA.

Year Country Volunteer Project
2017 Senegal A. Porkus (NJ) The Michele Sylvester Scholarship
Ethiopia M. Elton (NJ) Ethiopia Primary School Latrine Construction
Ecuador Alan Adams (NJ) Mushuk Yuyay School Program (Healthy Children Healthy Futures)
Samoa A. Johnson (NJ) Let Girls Learn “GLOW Samoa 2017”
2016 Tanzania Hasan, N. (NJ) Let Girls Learn/Shinyanga HIV Education Conference
Madagascar B. James (OH) Let Girls Learn | National GLOW Camp – Empower Malagasy Girls to Catalyze Change!
Panama J. Curry (NJ) Eco-Stoves for Rural Panamanian Community inside Forest Reserve
Peru P. Jimenez (NJ) Let Girls Learn | Soup Kitchen for Low Income Female Students
Madagascar Olivia Prentzel (NJ) Give Access to Reading in Rural Madagascar
Dominican Republic R. Wright (NJ) Latrines Project
2015 Cambodia A. Wasserman (NJ) Let Girls Learn/Fitness Initiative
Madagascar A. Maurie (NJ) Tree Nursery reforestation project
Tonga Rene Fern (NJ) Camp GLOW
Togo Anna Williams (NJ) Latrine Project
2014 Senegal Ellington Arnold (NJ) Local Girls Camp
Cambodia V. Lavigne Arts Festival
Armenia Rosie Jeffrey Border2Border Hike
2013 Benin M. Huelsenbeck Secondary School Computer Lab
Ukraine C. Smith (NJ) English Language Camps Resource Center
2012 Cameroon A. Gunkelman (NJ) Modern Farming Training
2011 Kyrgyz Republic S. Smith (NJ) Community Computer/English Resource Center
Burkina Faso A. Buchsbaum Theater equipment for health education
2010 Dominican Republic M Emiliani Community Ambulance Project
Botswana s. Lin (NJ) Computer Center Renovation
2009 Armenia English Lab Modernization
Tanzania K. Capella (NJ) School Kitchen Update
The Gambia School Library
2008 Moldova S. Hakim (NJ) Youth Resource Center
El Salvador A. Perrone (NJ) 12 Family Coops/Training
2007 Suriname  D. Lipton (NJ) Build teacher’s house in Baku
2006 Madagascar T. Ventzke Market Shelter in Tsarabaria
2005 Mali M. Hamilton (NJ) Construction of 3 wells in Yarome
Ukraine M. Navabian School insulation in Rivne