RPCV-NJ Art Exhibits at Rutgers- Spring 2015

Mark your calendars and come support RPCV artists at two different exhibits being displayed at Rutgers, New Brunswick venues. The exhibits are presented free of charge.

“Paintings from the Peace Corps Experience” by Nancie Gunkelman at the Art Library at Rutgers (71 Hamilton Street, New Brunswick, NJ 08901) located behind the Zimmerli Museum, New Brunswick Campus.

There is a parking lot off George Street behind the Zimmerli Museum and Library that is free. There are also metered parking on the streets with no charge on weekends.

Saturday,  March 7, 2015, Reception 2-4 pm (during Peace Corps week)

Join us for a meal after the reception at Harvest Moon Brewery!

Peace Corps Photo exhibit

RPCV art event

A Reception for the exhibit “Lasting Impressions,” a collection of artwork by RPCVs whose work was influenced by their Peace Corps experience.

April 11, 2015 from 1pm – 3pm

Mabel Douglass Library, Rutgers (71 Hamilton Street, New Brunswick, NJ 08901).

There is a parking lot off George Street behind the Zimmerli Museum and Library that is free. There are also metered parking on the streets with no charge on weekends.

Confirmed artists:

Adam Swart (RPCV Nepal)
Bernie Oberoski (RPCV Papua New Guinea)
Brian Knudsen (RPCV China)
Bruce Pacho Lane (RPCV Colombia)
Chuck Miley (RPCV Malaysia)
David Miller (RPCV Afghanistan)
Ellen Papciak-Rose (RPCV Botswana)
Ken Shuey (RPCV Malaysia)
Nancie Gunkelman (RPCV Kenya)
Owen Fitzgerald (RPCV Mali)
Owen Hartford (RPCV Mali)
Patricia McLaughlin (RPCV Costa Rica)
Rosemary Venter (RPCV Colombia)
Rosalind Pace (RPCV Afghanistan)
Terese Maineri (RPCV Guatemala)

Special speaker: NJ Assemblyman Dan Benson

Refreshments will be provided.

Family and friends are welcome.

Questions, contact Nancie Gunkelman ngunkelman@gmail.com

Social Dining: Seas and Savannahs International Kitchen – Teaneck, NJ

Seas and Savannahs- December 12, 2014

There were 21 diners at Seas and Savannahs in Teaneck. The gathering went very well. We had a great dinner that was a combination of African and European dishes that were served family style. There was lots of conversation and everyone had an enjoyable time. Rowland Bennett made a pitch for participation in lobbying day in Washington, DC to contact our Congressmen and women to increase funding for Peace Corps and support other relevant legislation.


Happy Hour at Destination Dogs on December 4th!

We had a good turnout at Destination Dogs in New Brunswick. About 15 RPCVs and 2 people interested in joining the Peace Corps attended and enjoyed delicious internationally themed hot dogs and beverages.

RPCV-NJ meets with NPCA President Glenn Blumhorst

Members of the Returned Peace Corps Volunteers (RPCV) of New Jersey recently met over dinner and drinks with National Peace Corps Association President, Glenn Blumhorst in New Brunswick. The meeting was also attended by senior professionals from Rutgers Centers for Global Advancement &International Affairs headed by Director, Urmi Otiv and Associate Director of Student Services, Mohini Mukherjee. Otiv outlined to Blumhorst and the group how Rutgers is boldly paving the way for more international cultural exchanges that fit in with the overall mission of the Peace Corps.
IMG_9687 IMG_9674 IMG_9673 IMG_9669 Blumho
Rutgers University and the Peace Corps have had a long affiliation, since one of the first Peace Corps volunteer groups did their pre-service training there. The global initiatives at Rutgers will benefit both the international students and faculty, in providing personal connections like the ones so valued among Returned Peace Corps Volunteers.

Internatio​nal Education Week- Rutgers Event including RPCVs: Nov. 19th

Dear NJ RPCVs,Through the recent communications with Rutgers University, there is information below on a Peace Corps related event being held on November 19th at Rutgers during International Education Week (IEW) http://eca.state.gov/programs-initiatives/international-education-week/

See Rutgers website for information on events being held that week including one involving RPCVs.

The link for the entire week’s events is here: http://global.rutgers.edu/programs/intl-education-week-2014  and the events are listed in chronological order.Title of Event:      Cultural Immersion: Experiences from Here and Abroad
Panel and Networking

Where:   Graduate Student Lounge, College Avenue Student Center- New Brunswick

When:    Wednesday, November 19th

Time:     5:30pm-8:00pm

Breakdown of time:
5:30pm                Time for viewing photos* (more info about this is below) and refreshments
6-7:00pm             Panel: RPCVs and international students/scholars
7-8:00pm             Time for interested attendees to speak directly to the Rutgers’ Peace Corps recruiter and/or other RPCVs and panelists directly

*Winners of the 2nd annual IEW Photo Contest will be displayed in the room. The contest is open to RU faculty/staff/students and we will present the top three entries in each category (international food, local/global and international architecture or landscapes).

For the panel, the intent is to have up to 6 people – 3 RPCVs and 3 international students or scholars – and the MC would have prepared questions that will be of interest to both audiences (RPCVs and international students/scholars).

Please attend this event and share your experience and expertise with attendees during the discussion period.

RPCV-NJ Lunch at Babur Garden

On October 25th, 2014 at the Babur Garden Restaurant in Ocean, 12 RPCVs and their families met to share wonderful Afghan food and their stories about their Peace Corps experience. The highlight of the lunch was a presentation by RPCV Len Oppenheim who, together with the members of his group, created a 20 minute slideshow compilation of their Peace Corps pictures taken during service. Beautiful host country music and voiceovers from the group members accompanied the presentation, and traditional Afghan vegetable dumplings and eggplant dishes were served.
IMG_0833 IMG_0823 IMG_0821



Due to the success of the first United Nations/RPCV Career Conference in 2013 the Northeast Recruitment Office and Returned Volunteer Services are bringing this conference back to New York City on October 23rd and 24th! We are anticipating an impressive turnout of RPCVs from across the Northeast. Spaces will go fast so follow this link to register for the sessions you’ll be able to attend and spread the word! Continue reading

Documenting Our Work on the PC Third Goal

Peace Corps has sent out the letter below to all RPCVs in their data base asking our help in  documenting the work we have done in Third Goal activities of making Americans more aware of other cultures. Continue reading