2020 RPCV International Calendars Available


RPCV-NJ is working in partnership with RPCVs of Wisconsin-Madison as a local provider to distribute their International Calendars.

Funds raised from the sale of these calendars in NJ will support RPCV-NJ activities including Project Support, Volunteer/Service Activities, Social Events and the pursuit of the Peace Corps Third Goal which the distribution of these calendars contributes to.

Consider buying these high quality, informative calendars for family, friends, teachers etc.

Calendar Ordering

Qty    Cost w/Shipping & Handling

1        $14 ($12 + $2 S&H)

2        $27 ($24 + $3 S7H)

3        $44 ($36 + $8 S&H)

Postage increases significantly when weight exceeds 13oz.

4        $56 ($48 + $8 S&H)

5        $68 ($60 + $8 S&H)


Send email to rpcvnj.outreach@gmail.com indicating the number of calendars ordered and provide mailing address and phone number (if  any question arises) then:


Use one of two methods:

  1. Use Zelle through your bank (if your bank uses Zelle, you just have to complete a simple register with the the bank for that function) by sending funds to: rpcvnj.payments@gmail.com (take care to type the email address exactly as provided)
  2. Make check out to RPCV-NJ and mail it to:


26 Parker Street, Belvidere, NJ 07823

Questions: email rpcvnj.outreach@gmail.com

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