Outreach/Third Goal Updates!

RPCV-NJ is now a partner supporting the production of this documentary
on the Peace Corps. This film will formally premiere on September 22nd in Washington, DC and screenings in NJ are being pursued.
RPCV-NJ is a charter member of this Museum to help extend the reach of Peace Corps beyond international host communities and individual volunteers.
RPCV-NJ is participating in this project as of November 2018 by recording interviews of NJ RPCVs to preserve the legacy of the Peace Corps as experienced and articulated by individual Peace Corps volunteers and staff. These interviews are being archived at the John F. Kennedy presidential library and museum in Boston.
RPCV-NJ became an official local seller of the International Calendars produced by RPCV Wisconsin- Madison to promote cultural understanding and awareness of international issues. A pilot program took place in the fall of 2018 and was very successful. Enhanced sales will take place beginning mid 2019 for the sale/distribution of the 2020 calendars.

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