Premiere Language a language learning service based in Houston that specializes in providing culturally informed on-site English (English as a Second Language or ESL) and Spanish classes anywhere in the USA.

A new client is in Linden, NJ. There is an agreement to offer immigrant laborers working in our client’s Linden warehouse ESL classes–probably starting within a month.  The plan is to have classes on-site twice a week for two different groups for a duration of 2 hours for each group’s class (4 hours of classes per visit and 8 hours of classes per week).  The class sizes will be smaller with approximately 9 in one and 5 or 6 in the other.

Premiere Language has had great experiences working with RPCV ESL teachers at a number of client sites in the US.

RPCVs in New Jersey interested in picking up some part-time ESL teaching work at this facility in Linden are sought.

Offered: $37/hour for the 8 hours of classes per week plus additional compensation for the commute to the site.

Contact: Chris Franek, Director 
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