RPCV Picnic Recap

RPCVs Pam & Gary Mount (Micronesia) were fantastic hosts for the 7th Year of RPCV-NJ family picnics. Their facilities at Terhune Orchards provided a beatutifull and very comfortable setting for the event which also offered a variety of other farm related activities. The attendance of RPCVs, Peace Corps invitees topped 70 but the count is uncertain as some came and went to enjoy the other activities offered (picking strawberries or asparagus, testing out the playground, visiting the discovery barn, petting/feeding the farm animals, browsing through the farm store etc.

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Peace Corps Recruiters Dan Turkel (NJ, NE Pennsylvania & Staten Island) and Jon Breen (Rutgers campuses) played a huge role in making this event a success by arranging the Send Off component (ice breaker game, storytelling & candle ceremony) for the Peace Corps Volunteer Invitees who attended and getting word out through the Peace Corps about the event in general.
We were honored to have Glenn Blumhorst, President of the National Peace Corps Association (NPCA) attend and contribute to the event.
Thanks to those RPCVs who coordinated with the RPCV-NJ Outreach Committee to set up displays from their countries of service for the benefit of picnic/send off attendees: Pam & Gary Mount (Micronesia), Larry Rubel (India), Dennis Ng (Philippines), Gerry Gillio (Iran) and John Bing (Afghanistan). Richard Dalrymple (Mali) hung international fabrics that helped decorate the barn.
No one went home hungry. There was an overabundance of varied foods including many dishes from a wide ranges of countries.  We also were lucky with the weather, any rain holding off until Monday, although the building used for the picnic (open but protected) would have been very comfortable anyway.
Remember to mark you calendars for next year (weekend of June 2 & 3).  If possible, we hope to hold this picnic on the same weekend each year although the specific date and location will have to be arranged.

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