Celebrating Peace Corps Week 2017

RPCV-NJ collaborated with two NJ Universities and Peace Corps recruiters on two major outreach events to celebrate Peace Corps week. RPCV-NJ extends thanks to Monmouth University and Rutgers University for their efforts to encourage cross cultural education and to support the Peace Corps.


IMG_3017 Carl Muhlhausen

IMG_3030 Dan Turkel & table

IMG_3032 Frances Duckett & table

IMG_3025 Audience

Monmouth University has implemented the first Peace Corps Prep program in New Jersey. The students from that program along with the program director Frank Cipriani arranged for a Film Festival on Tuesday, February 28th. Other partners in this outreach effort were NJ Recruiter, Dan Turkel and RPCV-NJ. Returned Peace Corps Volunteers (RPCVs) spoke about Hospitality in their Country of Service,  accompanying the showing of videos from the Peace Corps contest held this year celebrating the hospitality theme. RPCVs also set up tables with artifacts and photographs from their countries of service, fielding questons from the students and other members of the public about their Peace Corps experience and respective country(s) of service.


IMG_4308-group pic

IMG_3043-Ron & Glenys NelsonIMG_3046-PatIMG_3090-panel from audienceIMG_3053-table square from front

The Centers for Global Advancement and International Affairs (GAIA) at Rutgers University hosted its second annual Peace Corps week event. The celebration included a panel of RPCVs discussing hospitality and answering questions and other RPCVs providing display tables from their country(s) of service. Jon Breen, Peace Corps recruiter based at Rutgers and Kim Pernice,Senior Programmer at GAIA and Rick Lee, Director for Global Programs and Relations arranged for an excellent venue on the College Avenue campus to accommodate the table displays, panel discussion and interaction with the students and public. RPCV-NJ worked on this event in cooperation with Rutgers staff.

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