Ken Lockwood Gorge & Columbia Trail RPCV-NJ & Future PCV Hike

On Saturday, December 3rd, 2016, Violet Esipila, a future Peace Corps Volunteer, joined with a total of 13 RPCVs, friends and family members for a wonderful 8-mile hike at Ken Lockwood Gorge & Columbia Trail.  Following the hike we had a great Mexican lunch at Casa Maya Restaurant in High Bridge, New Jersey.

Violet (a future PCV) was pleased to meet everyone on the trail and was given great advice. She will be departing on March 15th , 2017 for Ukraine to serve in Community Youth Development for the next two years and three months.

The group had a beautiful day for hiking and they were able to explore and learn a great deal about Ken Lockwood Gorge & Columbia Trail.

Advice Given to Violet by RPCVs

  1. Always take one step at time
  2. Take time to get to know the community and their culture
  3. Earn the community’s trust
  4. Patience – as one RPCV stated – is needed because it would take time to implement ideas that would be acceptable within the community.

Overall, the trip was a great way for a future PCV to hear positive words of encouragement from RPCVs. Each RPCV gave helpful advice to Violet as she prepares to travel abroad. As a future PCV, Violet would like to thank all of the RPVCs for inviting her, along with her family and friends, to such a wonderful hiking and dining experience at Ken Lockwood Gorge.

Dining at Casa Maya Mexican restaurant

Following miles and miles of hiking and seeing the most beautiful views at Ken Lockwood Gorge, we ended our day by having lunch at Casa Maya Mexican Restaurant in High Bridge, New Jersey. The food was delicious! The group had a wonderful time relaxing, eating, speaking about the nature of the Peace Corps and just enjoying each other’s company.

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