November 6 Bill & Harry’s Chinese Lunch Recap

by Barbara Kelly

On Sunday, November 6, seven RPCVs and four family members met for a delicious mid-afternoon meal at Bill and Harry’s Chinese Cuisine in East Hanover.


Our service spanned the years and the world.  The earliest volunteer began in 1965; the newest volunteer in 2008.  Our countries included multiple African nations, Honduras, Iran and the Philippines.

Yet we found many similarities, as we chatted over our meal and gave brief descriptions of our assignments in a fun “show and tell” accompanied by photos we had brought of our younger selves.  Two volunteers, a half a world apart (Sierra Leone and Philippines), had introduced tilapia fingerlings into the flooded rice fields of farmers to increase the protein in their diet.  Two volunteers (Honduras and Senegal) had worked with community/youth development.  And teaching was the most common thread (English and Math/Science) in Ethiopia, Ghana, and Iran.

We also reminisced about traveling throughout our regions, with hair raising hairpin turns in some places and flat sandy roads in others.  And about the local people who had been such an important part of our experience.

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