RPCV-NJ Supports Two PCP Projects

Peace Corps Partnership projects in Madagascar and the Dominican Republic were both supported with donations from RPCV-NJ as of the August board meeting. Both projects are led by Peace Corps Volunteers from New Jersey.

1. Olivia Prentzel is the lead on a project in Madagascar “Give Access to Reading in Rural Madagascar.” Olivia, her counterpart, and community members are working hard to create a continuing learning center to support their youth groups’ activities and provide resources for adults and students looking to further their education.

2. R. Wright is leading a “Latrines Project” in the Dominican Republic. Due to poor conditions of or total lack of many latrines in a small rural community located in the northwestern part of the Dominican Republic, many individuals from families of low socioeconomic status defecate in their backyards, causing damage to the environment and to the community. Due to such negative impacts within the community, a Latrine Committee formed by the community’s health promoters of Hogares Saludables (Healthy Homes), are determined to build 16 new pit latrines with the help of two local masons. Each step of the process to build the latrines requires participation from the community, primarily from the Latrine Committee, the local masons, and the families receiving the latrines. The beneficiary families are required to pass health training and latrine maintenance classes presented by the women in the Latrine Committee. The latrine project will greatly help the beneficiary families by mitigating health risks such as the risk of fecal-oral disease transmission, improving overall sanitation, and helping implement basic health and hygiene practices.

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