Jersey Cares Day 2016

by Peter Arney & Kelly Matthews

On Saturday May 7, 3 RPCV-NJ members participated in Earth Keepers at Liberty State Park in Jersey City where we joined approximately 47 other volunteers and Park staff in weeding and mulching gardens at the park including a grove of trees planted in memory of people who died on 9/11 in New York City.  Despite the overcast skies, the rain held off and by the time we were finishing up the clouds were clearing and we could see the beautiful New York skyline including the top of the Freedom Tower.

Members Peter Arney and Doug Garatina welcomed Dave Brandwood, just returned from service in Vanuatu, and his brother Steve.  Dave comes from a Peace Corps family: his mother served in Botswana and his sister recently served in Ethiopia.  Despite some sore and aching muscles, a good time was had by all.

Also on May 7, RPCV-NJ members from South Jersey participated in a project titled “Clip, Cut and Cultivate in Camden” in conjunction with the South Jersey Land & Water Trust.  RPCV Andrea Wendell joined our South Jersey volunteer coordinator Kelly Matthews and her friend Meghan for three hours of work removing weeds and other shrubbery that were inhibiting the park’s growth, picking up garbage at the water’s edge of the park as well as cutting down overgrown tree branches.

2016 No JerseyCares IMG_20160507_094853881

North Jersey Cares

2016 No JerseyCares IMG_20160507_094921308

North Jersey Cares

2016 SoJerseyCares IMG_6081

South Jersey Cares

2016 SoJerseyCares IMG_6082

South Jersey Cares

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