April 23 Howell Living Farm- Potato Planting


by John Lawlor & Pete Watson

On Saturday, April 23, a dozen or so RPCVs participated in the annual potato planting at the Howell Living History Farm in Lambertville, NJ.  It turned out to be a beautiful day after starting a bit gloomy in the morning. In addition to the RPCV turnout, the local community also came out in force.


In August we will be back out there to pick the (hopefully) huge crop of potatoes.  In some years in the past we have harvested close to a ton of potatoes.  All potatoes will be donated to local food banks.  See you in August!

Pete Watson reported that the average donated to Trenton area soup kitchens and food pantries is one ton per year, since 1986…so, 30 tons so far with another ton, hopefully, on the way this year. We also figure that on average 150 visitors help plant, and another 150 help harvest. When you add in the additional visitors who help with cultivating, hilling and potato bug de-bugging, we are well over 10,000 participants…. all led by NJ-RPCVs.


IMG_1381 gerry at table

IMG_1382 plow

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