Peace Corps Revisited – Guest Blog

Joanne Brandwood (Botswana 1981-83)

I served in the Peace Corps (in Botswana) over three decades ago, but this summer I was lucky enough to see Peace Corps in action once again. My husband, Bob, and I visited two of our children at their Peace Corps sites—one in Ethiopia and one in Vanuatu. Of course, the physical challenges of life in the developing world seemed much easier when we were in our 20s, but we were both struck by how familiar everything seemed—even in countries that were thousands of miles apart!

This is my daughter and me with Sarah’s local counterpart and his family. They shared the traditional Ethiopian coffee ceremony with us—both delicious and welcoming.

Sarah & Counterpart-Endalk's family

After visiting Sarah’s village Bob and I had the opportunity to travel to several of Ethiopia’s amazing historical sites, including this 900 year old stone church in Lalibela.

in Lalibela

This is our son David, with his host parents on Tanna island in Vanuatu.  Dave & host parents

Below is a photo of David dancing a “Kastom” dance with some men from his village.

kastom dancing

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