Howell Farms – Potato Harvest – August 15

IMG_8578 Howell Farms Apr 2015 Both teams plowing

Potato Harvest 2015

RPCV Pete Watson, Howell Living History Farm manager, relayed via email that 1,475 lbs spuds were harvested on Saturday, August 15th with the help of farm visitors lead by NJ RPCVs Greg (and 2 friends from DC), Carmine, Pat & Dave, Peter, Gerry, Jon (and Lynn).

It was a bit equatorial in terms of heat and humidity, but we ‘done good’ according to the boss man. Howell Farm’s Ian Ferry used horses Jack and Chester to pull the potato lifter and Rob used oxen Jim & John to haul baskets, bags and other supplies to the field.

Due to a bumper (and record) crop, there are still another 1000 – 1500 lbs to harvest…an invitation was extended to get in their digs on Saturday, August 22nd!

Thanks to all who helped us maintain the wonderful tradition of planting and harvesting this crop for our local food pantries, and helping us demonstrate the importance of preserving and teaching agricultural skills!

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