Outreach Presentation: Christie Musa RPCV Sierra Leone ’81-83

A presentation was made on her Peace Corps experience in Sierra Leone by Christie Musa, Inland Fisheries Extension Agent 1981-83.

The Woman’s Association at Heath Village Retirement Community, Hackettstown, NJ invited Ms. Musa to speak. Approximately 40 people attended this presentation and were very attentive and asked quite a few questions afterwards.  Some attendees had either traveled or lived overseas, one being reminded of her own experience in South Africa shortly after the end of apartheid and another who lived in Bangkok and is still in contact with a foreign exchange student she hosted from Thailand. Heath Village was very welcoming and accommodating in terms of producing a poster to advertise the talk, providing easels, a table and AV equipment as well as refreshments afterwards. It was a rewarding third goal experience.

HeathVlg Display IMG_8547 HeathVlg Display Viewing IMG_8553 HeathVlg Gathering Audience IMG_8552 HeathVlg Display Table IMG_8550
If you would like to participate in outreach speaking events but don’t know where to start, please visit our Outreach page for helpful tips and presentation advice as well as information on how to sign up for WorldWise Speakers Match.

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