RPCV-NJ Participates in 2015 Jersey Cares Day

On Saturday, May 2, 2015, seven representatives of RPCV-NJ participated in Jersey Cares Day activities.  The sun was shining and the weather was perfect for some outdoor work.  This year we chose the project “It’s fun to paint at the YMCA” in Hillsborough.  There were several projects to work on at the YMCA and the majority of our group chose painting a map of the world on the blacktop of the children’s playground.  Joining a group of about 20 volunteers from Novo-Nordisk we quickly worked collaboratively to make this project come to life.  We lined up and rolled out long white sheets across the playground and then painted in the many tiny circles with white paint.  When we took away the sheets, it revealed in the many dots a very rough outline of the world map.  We then had to connect the dots with chalk to form the outline of continents and countries.  Next was numbering each country to reflect the color that country was to be painted.  Then we painted each country with its assigned color.
  IMG_3455_2 IMG_3461_2
When it came to the continent of Africa, our Peace Corps experience gave us a bit of an advantage in identifying the countries from the outline.  In addition to painting many other countries, we made sure that Barbara painted Senegal, Lisa painted Ghana, Edie painted Malawi and Peter painted Sierra Leone.  You can see from the photos how things turned out. Anthony and Gabby worked on some different painting work at the Y but we made sure to stop and pose for a group photo.  A good time was had by all.

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