Lasting Impressions – Art Exhibit

Thank you to everyone for attending the “Lasting Impressions” Art Exhibit Reception on April 11th. Below are some photos from the event.



Owen Fitzgerald RPCV Mali speaking to a packed house at Lasting Impressions Art reception.




The Exhibit runs from April 11-May 26, 2015 

How artist’s perspectives were influenced by working in Peace Corps’ health, education, and development programs.Curated by returned Peace Corps volunteer artists Nancie Gunkelman and Adam Swart, this exhibition highlights the Peace Corps legacy in New Jersey and the surrounding region through the works of artists who have successfully employed alternative means to communicate with non-literate communities and diverse age groups on health care issues. These Peace Corps volunteers used visual and performance art in inventive ways to build understanding on health issues including HIV education, malarial prevention, vaccination programs, water and sanitation, and nutrition. The exhibition also showcases the profound effects that Peace Corps experiences have had on the artists themselves. These impressions, impacting the artists’ points of view, sensibilities, creativity, and methods of expression, are so powerful that they last a lifetime.

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Mabel Douglass Library
8 Chapel Drive; New Brunswick, NJ 08901
Phone: 848-932-5008

You can park in the Douglass Parking Deck, or in Lot 70 (which is right next to the parking deck). There’s no proper address, but here’s three ways of finding it:
– Douglass Parking Deck, New Brunswick, NJ 08901
– Lipman Drive, New Brunswick, NJ 08901 (It’s a short one-way street)
– Or use these coordinates: 40.483611, -74.437861 or 40°29’01.0″N 74°26’16.3″W

Confirmed artists:
Adam Swart (RPCV Nepal)
Bernie Oberoski (RPCV Papua New Guinea)
Brian Knudsen (RPCV China)
Chuck Miley (RPCV Malaysia)
David Miller (RPCV Afghanistan)
Ellen Papciak-Rose (RPCV Botswana)
Ken Shuey (RPCV Malaysia)
Margaret Najjar (RPCV Tunisia)
Nancie Gunkelman (RPCV Kenya)
Owen Fitzgerald (RPCV Mali)
Patricia McLaughlin (RPCV Costa Rica)
Rosemary Venter (RPCV Colombia)
Rosalind Pace (RPCV Afghanistan)
Terese Maineri (RPCV Guatemala)

Read an article about the art exhibit on the Rutgers Library website.

Questions, contact Nancie Gunkelman

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