2015 National Day of Action Recap

NJ RPCVs Christina Tedder and Sharon Keld met with Congressman Leonard Lance, (NJ-7) and delivered packets in the offices of other New Jersey Congresspersons on March 5th for Peace Corps National Day of Action.

Pictured: Sharon Keld, Christina Tedder, Congressman Leonard Lance, (NJ-7)

Pictured: Sharon Keld, Christina Tedder, Congressman Leonard Lance, (NJ-7)

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Brief report from Sharon Keld:

Snow meant that the government offices were closed, but 70 of the 100 RPCVs (one back just two weeks, and another who is not an RPCV yet but is applying!) who were scheduled to be in DC made it by 8 am.  Many of the appointments we had were cancelled (Booker’s office and Melendez’s office included) but we made the most of it in the House!
We dropped off packets in the offices of every other New Jersey Congresspersons. In some cases we found staffers in – had a great talk with Kate in Sires’s office (he’s pro-Peace Corps). My Congressman, Leonard Lance (NJ-7) was available, and since he had no appointments to rush off to, he spend half an hour with us! Our three asks were joining the Peace Corps caucus, supporting Peace Corps funding, and signing the “Dear Colleague” letter. We didn’t get any promises, but he didn’t say no!

Thanks for all of your great work encouraging support for Peace Corps!

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