RPCV-NJ Begins Its Collaboration with Rutgers International Friendship Program for International Students/Faculty, First Coffee Hour on September 8

Join in our cooperative effort with Rutgers to help their international students and faculty while benefiting personally from enriching experiences with those individuals. Sign up for their International Friendship Program IFP) to get notices about activities such as serving as a host during the holidays, taking part in conversation sessions (see details below*), participating in events set up for these international students/staff members etc.:

On Thursday, Sept. 4, RPCV-NJ President Barbara Kelly and Peace Corps Recruiter Rachel Bueide participated in Rutger’s International Friendship Program’s (IFP) Welcome Party for new international students/faculty. About 100 people attended for a lively meeting of discussion and mingling.

This was the first event in our new collaboration which offers RPCVs the opportunity to get involved with Rutger’s international student/faculty community in a number of ways:

Hosting international guests for holidays and events. Sign up using this online form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1tBKyRGsjdisVsVV_OuKNmRl-8TMkzqFg4kp2N2hOWg8/viewform

Conversation groups to help students learn English and to allow you to learn/brush up on a different language (see details below for conversation coffee hours* starting Monday, September 8th) Request a conversation partner: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1h2X0MMfTvRDD94oelmAUmwMaiR5bsqK_lRIXJgrO1no/viewform
Learn more and extend your hospitality to these international students/faculty. Remember how much it meant to us to be welcomed into the communities where we served!

For more info on the IFP http://globalservices.rutgers.edu/content/Center_Staff_Services_and_Programs/Core_Cultural_Programs_of_the_Center/International_Friendship_Program_IFP/Introduction_to_the_IFP.html

* Conversation Coffee Hour Meetings
Rutgers International Friendship Program (IFP) Coffee Hour Meetings:
Monday, Wednesday & Friday, September 8, 10 & 12 (2:30-3:30) Livingston Campus LSC-Coffee House
Tuesday & Wednesday, September 9 & 11 (4:30-5:30) Livingston Campus LSC-Coffee House
RSVP to Carissa McCarthy carissam@gaiacenters.rutgers.edu barbara at ru_photo-7 - Copy

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