RPCV Volunteer Opportunity for Education Reform

Our RPCV-NJ Outreach Coordinator recently received this request from Nakechia Gay, RPCV-Ecuador 2012-14 regarding a RPCV Volunteer Opportunity for Education Reform.  Please click here for more info:

Hi Lisa,

I just sent a Facebook message, but I believe this would be more formal. I’m a RPCV (Ecuador 2012-2014) working in Newark for an education reform non-profit called Citizen Schools. We are currently recruiting professionals for our apprenticeship program. Could you post this opportunity for us?

Citizen Schools apprenticeship programs bring professionals into some of Newark’s highest priority middle schools in order to help close the opportunity and achievement gaps by expanding the learning time. These professional volunteers, who we called Citizen Teachers, teach one apprenticeship once a week for 10-weeks. While the time commitment may seem like a lot, you can teach in teams of 3-5 which allows you to split up the 10-week commitment. For example, a team of 5 can designate 2 weeks to one person during the 10-week period.

The program is currently running at Eagle Academy for Young Men of Newark and Chancellor Academy, and we are geared to start second week of September.

For RPCV’s who are interested and/or want more information, can contact me at nakechiagay@citizenschools.org

Thank you in advance Lisa!


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