RPCV-NJ Supports Border2Border Hike Across Armenia

The RPCV-NJ has given a $500 grant to a PCP project in Armenia sponsored by Rosie Jeffrey, a PC from Caldwell. Rosie sent us the following email:

From: “Rosie J” <rjeffrey20@gmail.com>
Date: Mar 2, 2014 10:45 AM
Subject: NJ PCV in Armenia
To: <Info@rpcv-nj.org>

Hi there!

I am a current PCV in Armenia. I am from Caldwell, NJ (Proud Jersian). I currently have a PCPP project on the Peace Corps website. I was wodering if you could promote it on your website or to the RPCV NJ Community?

It is called Border2Border and is a hike across the entire length of Armenia, stopping in small villages teaching 6 topics in interactive ways. (Schools here are still very soviet style) The lessons include: nutrition, anti-smoking, environment, respect, hygiene, and food sanitation.

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