RPCV-NJ Supports Local Girls Camp in Senegal

Our latest Peace Corps Partnership (PCP) grant
The RPCV-NJ has given a $500 grant to a PCP project in Senegal sponsored by Elllington Arnold, a PC from Jersey City.  This project supports a Local Girls Camp in St. Louis, in the north of the country.  Ellington sent us the following description of the camp:

“This camp is a great opportunity for students from disadvantaged backgrounds to get together and learn about issues like women’s health, leadership, planning for your future, and money management. Past participants have gone on to become class president, like Korka, who had a baby out of wedlock at age 14 and who, despite many obstacles, passed her high school entrance exam last week. Another successful alum is Fatou, who is the first student from her village to ever attend university. Fatou attended camp three years ago and will be returning to talk about her experience and to give a tour of the UGB campus this year.”

 It costs about $100 to send a girl to camp for the full week (last year 43 girls aged 11-17 attended).  As with all PCP projects, this cost is met by a combination of community contribution and PCP grants.

Ellington Arnold, PCV Senegal

Corps de la Paix, B.P. 79
Linguere, Louga, Senegal, West Africa
323.989.3557 (International)
(+221) 77.330.4834 (Senegalese)

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