Sociology PhD Student Interested in RPCVs’ Opinions

We received the note below from a Brown University Sociology PhD student interested in RPCVs’ opinions. Contact information is included if you are interested in participating.

Dear Returned Peace Corps Volunteers of New Jersey,

     My name is Meghan Kallman, and I am a PhD candidate in the department of sociology at Brown University, in Providence, Rhode Island.  I am writing a dissertation about the relationship between organizations and social change work. I am interested in civic participation, the third sector, and development; in other words, what happens when people try to make their worlds better, and what do formal organizations have to do with that process?
     I have elected to write my dissertation on the Peace Corps because I am interested in the effects of volunteering on people’s lives: how are volunteers’ biographies, identities, and politics shaped by participation? How do individual volunteers carry their Peace Corps experience with them throughout their lives and careers? How does this sort of international service experience permanently affect people?
     As a part of it, I have created a survey for RPCV’s asking about their experiences abroad. I would be extremely grateful if you would distribute it to your listserv, via Facebook or your social media outlets, and to any other RPCVs in your personal or professional networks. The link is here:
     You should find the survey intuitive and enjoyable, and it should take about twenty minutes to complete.
     This research has been approved by the Brown University Institutional Review (ethics) Board and is supported by the National Science Foundation and the Horowitz Foundation for Social Policy. Please contact me should you have any questions or concerns. I very much appreciate your consideration.
Meghan Kallman, MA
NSF Graduate Fellow
Graduate Fellow, Cogut Center for the Humanities

PhD Candidate
Department of Sociology
Brown University

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