RPCVs at local universities

Several RPCVs present will be participating in educational activities in the upcoming days. The week of November 18th happens to be International Education Week through a joint effort of the US Department of State and the US Department of Education http://eca.state.gov/programs-initiatives/international-education-week .  The goal is to promote understanding of other cultures and international education which fits perfectly with the Peace Corp’s third goal.  Most of the events were coordinated by the NYC Peace Corps recruiting office as information sessions for recruiting purposes but the events at Centenary College were coordinated for International Education Week and were arranged through Allison Wawrin who used to work at the college.


Monday, Nov. 18th  
William Paterson University Information Session:  Dennis Ng & Gerry Gillio Centenary College Display Table:  Doug Garatina & Richard Dalrymple

Tuesday, Nov. 19th   
Drew University Information Session:  Rowland Bennett

Wednesday, Nov. 20th 
Centenary College Career Fair:  Allison Wawrin

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