Great to see you in Ledgewood!

Doug Garatina, from the Skylands Region of NJ, tested out The Clay Oven  in advance and then organized this ethnic dining event on November 17, for the benefit of RPCVs across northern NJ, with attendees ranging from the banks of the Delaware River in far western Warren County to Bergen County in the east, Edison- Middlesex County in the south to Hope Township-Warren County in the north.  The buffet offered a wide variety of foods and all was very tasty. While the weather was foggy & somewhat gloomy the afternoon was brightened by the good company of other RPCVs sharing information about their Peace Corps experiences and lives afterwards.

November 2013 in Ledgewood

November 2013 in Ledgewood

Sunday, November 17th    

Clockwise from lower left: Gerry Gillio (Iran) Buck Northrup (Colombia) Ravi Romano (India) Christie Musa (Sierra Leone) Sally Moore Rowland Bennett (Malawi) Dennis Ng (Philippines) Doug Garatina (Ghana) Richard Dalrymple (Mali) Allison Wawrin (Papua New Guinea) Allison Lipper (Malawi)Not pictured: Edythe Ben-Israel (Malawi)

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